Sunday, 26 January 2014

Moving Out | "Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands."

So this is it, this is the year that I'm moving out. Expect another post on this when I've moved and I'm settled in... It's exciting, but God damn, it's terrifying. I've never lived away from home for more than 2 weeks before and this time it's for good. I currently live in Bristol, a big city with everything I could possible want or need on my doorstep. I've spent 21 years in the same place, people coming and going out of my life and it's finally time for me to move on. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to miss this part of the country so much. It's all I've ever known. Starting completely from scratch in an area I don't really know, but I'm just excited for this adventure to begin.

Bristol. My home.

With my boyfriend being in the Royal Air Force, I will be packing my life away and moving half way up the country. It's a crazy thought being so far away from my family, my friends and my job, but it's something I need to do. People keep asking me if it's a good idea to leave everything behind, but if I don't do it now while I'm young, when will I do it? We get comfortable in one place and never go and experience other things. For a long time, I've been starved of inspiration and motivation to do the things I usually love and I'm really hoping this change will ignite my fire again. 

Luckily for me, we will be moving up to Lincolnshire which is where Danny grew up and his family still live, so I'm not completely unfamiliar with that territory and it won't feel completely alien to me. Lincolnshire is such a beautiful area and it's SO flat. Hills are pretty much my arch enemy, so this is a great factor for me. If you ever get to go to Lincoln in your life, there is a Cathedral (see below) which is so stunning you would be a fool not to visit it. The only problem is that it's basically at the top of the biggest hill I've ever seen, accurately named 'Steep Hill'. 

Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire.

Friends come and go, but family are for life. This is something I need to remember as I'm so nervous about drifting away from my family. Even though I might not see them everyday, or speak to them when I want to, I know that they will always be there. It's always going to be hard to just pack up and leave when you're so familiar with this routine but there has to be a time where you think about what is best for yourself. As much as I'm nervous about this new chapter of my life, I am so ready for it, and when I say ready, I mean that half my life is already packed away in boxes. I even have a whole box just for candles alone (I really love candles...). I will definitely miss Bristol and everything I've come to know here, but it's time for me to move on.

The view from my room/Lots of boxes already...

I'm hoping that in this change, I can find myself. 
I'm ready for you, adventure. Come at me.

Have any of you moved out? How did you find that experience? If you have any tips, leave them in the comments!


  1. Moving is so stressful, I've done it quite a few times. I've been to uni and every year we had a different place, I've rented three houses I moved to France. I never saw myself as somebody who would move a lot as my parents have owned their house for over 40 years. But uni means you have to move a lot! 1st year into halls, 2nd year into different halls, 3rd year to france, 4th year in student house where we lived for two years, then moved to a different city with uni friends for better job prospects and we lived there for 3 years, and we just moved into this house in July because we were having problems at the old house and the landlord never sorted anything out!

    Don't think of it as leaving people behind, because you not 'leaving' anything. If all goes tits up, you can go back, I'm sure. It will seem terrifying as you are standing on the edge looking down, but when you take the jump it will be fine.

    Corinne x

  2. Moving is definitely hard, but it's also a really awesome experience and I bet you'll enjoy being more independent. But make sure you save some time to go home and visit once in makes it so much easier!

    Also, I've really been enjoying your blog so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out the full details at

  3. Babe! I adore your blog soo much!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-).. Hope you can follow back!