Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Home Wishlist | "Home is where our story begins"

So, it seems that now the house sale is going through pretty smoothly (hooray!), looking for furnishing has become my most favourite past time. I've gathered a couple (quite a lot) of my favourite and most wanted items to show you because I'm just SO excited. 

Danny and I have absolutely fallen in love with this bed. Unfortunately, it's around £400 out of our budget. Donations will be accepted. It's only taken a few months but I've also finally persuaded him to let me have a Vanity table in the bedroom and I think that the photo frame would compliment it. Last Christmas, I bought his mother a wax burner and it's quickly become one of my favourite purchases. It's a gorgeous accessory for anywhere in the house and the melted scented wax tarts smell absolutely beautiful. I just have to have one. 

Anyone that knows me can tell you that candles are my weakness. Moving up to Lincoln, I had an entire box dedicated to my candles. So it only seems fitting that there would be at least one candle in my wishlist. I find that Next do a really great range of boxed candles which I think look really lovely. I'm a real storage freak. I like things to have their place but without being cluttered. These pretty little storage boxes would be so great for make up. Another wax burner... how predictable of me. Honestly, I don't think you can have too many. Wouldn't it just look so lovely on the mantlepiece of the fire we're getting? Just imagine it! 


Everybody needs a dining table and this one is absolutely gorgeous. I absolutely love the chairs and how they are different to what you'd usually see around a dining table. They look like they'd be so comfortable. Cushions are probably my favourite accessory after candles and these are just so cute. I'll never have them because Danny hates wordy cushions, but a girl can dream right? Here we go, more storage, how exhilarating. Isn't the chest just the cutest though? You could have it at the end of the bed with all your bits and bobs in. I can just imagine it already, it's getting me all giddy. The chest of drawers is part of a furniture set we are getting. We went to view these at B&M and completely fell in love with them. The fact they are so reasonably priced makes them even better. 

The day we get the keys to our new house and can finally start buying things properly will be the best day ever. It's the start of our lives together and it's so important that we incorporate both of us into the making our house a home. I know that I will have to make compromises and I'm okay with that. 

We've already bought the essentials for our kitchen, thank you Argos starter sets for the great bargain. Knife block, cutlery sets, dining sets and pots and pans for just £20. I'd definitely recommend going there if you're a first time buyer looking for good offers and cheap bits. We did however take a trip to Dunelm Mill, where we will probably spend all our money, and picked up these little beauties. I can't wait to fill them up with goodies.